SitecoreSupport GitHub is Back!

It looks like Sitecore has returned public visibility to

This is a GitHub repo that Sitecore’s official support team uses to document, track, and communicate the various patches they make available to customers. Public access was removed about a year ago, and some of us in the community really felt the loss (and wished we had downloaded the entire repo to use as a reference!).

For me, that repo is a wealth of information on how to tackle specific Sitecore challenges. It’s instructive to see the strategies involved with addressing a Solr integration defect, just for example, and can be applicable to a lot of different customer solutions.

Screen shot of a hotfix from the repo

A lot of my time the last few months has been focused on Solr integrations and connecting different Sitecore systems together, so having examples like or can be like a master course in how the internals of Sitecore fit together.

I’m not suggesting you take the code on that repo and blindly apply it to your Sitecore implementation, but as a learning reference and source of how Sitecore’s internals behave, it’s a vital resource to those advanced Sitecore professionals.

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